As a person with dementia gets older, the more likely it is that their behavior will shift dramatically due to a weakening nervous system.

We believe that these behaviors are their way of communication. Their actions may be an attempt to communicate an unmet need, such as companionship, when the disease has robbed them of words and rationale. Resistance-type activities can be a reaction to loss of control, confusion, or even a sense of panic.

Our caregivers suggest these tips to help cope with those behavioral changes:

  • Simple is best. One thing at a time.
  • Have a daily schedule so the patient knows what to expect.
  • Affirm their safety and your willingness to assist.
  • Try not to be frustrated or angry. If you’re upset, take 10 deep breaths.
  • When possible, use humor.

While some of these strategies may not work for all dementia patients, patience and perseverance are essential to improving both patient and caregiver quality of life.

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