Dealing with loneliness is never easy- when you carry the burden for too long, the pain becomes unbearable, and it can have physical manifestations. For some elders, it becomes more severe because of social isolation, where they lose touch with family and friends for fear of health repercussions.

Our Home Health Care in Orange County, New York is constantly monitoring our patients for signs of mental health conditions like depression and anxiety. We lay down and carry out strategic plans to improve their wellness and quality of life.

When it comes to helping the elderly cope with their loneliness, these are the following duties that a Caregiver can perform:

  • Maintaining Old Connections and Forming New Ones

    Reaching out can be exhausting- especially for adults who easily run out of social battery. However, you must strengthen old relationships and cultivate new ones. The Homecare Agencies in Fairfield, Connecticut is a firm believer that rather than quantity, senior patients should focus on quality by engaging in meaningful connections.

    A simple video call with a grandchild or a weekly visit can significantly improve the patient’s mood. Adopting a pet may also be recommended as the loyalty and affection of animals have proven to be unparalleled at times.

  • Helping the Patient Reintegrate into the Community

    One of the ways for a patient to maximize social interaction is to assist them in community engagement, and this is part of our Long-term and Temporary Care program. It develops a senior’s cognition, communication, physical, and psychosocial skills. This also promotes the increase of their functional independence.

At Kind Hearts Caring Angels, Inc., we provide Companionship services with competency and compassion.

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