When an aging parent or a loved one lives independently, you may feel concerned for their health and safety. While your loved one may have no trouble looking after their needs now, there will come a time when they need additional help from a caregiver. Whether it’s assistance with daily activities or 24/7 care, a home care provider is your best care option to meet their needs.

As one of the leading homecare agencies in Fairfield, Connecticut, we will discuss the signs that indicate a need for in-home care:

  • A messy, unkempt home
    If your senior loved one is usually particular about organizing and cleaning their home, you may notice a change right away. A messy and unkempt home usually indicates mobility issues that make it difficult to perform daily chores. A home care agency offers light housekeeping services to keep your loved one’s home clean and tidy.
  • Poor eating habits
    Whether due to physical or mental changes, some seniors struggle to maintain healthy eating habits. This could be a change in their sense of taste or the inability to prepare well-balanced meals that can affect their health. Homecare agencies in Middletown, NY offer meal preparation and feeding services for these reasons.
  • A recent accident or frequent falls
    Although a fall can be shrugged off during one’s younger years, seniors do not handle falls and injuries quite as well. Poor mobility and vision loss can lead to an injury that can severely impact their health and quality of life.

Kind Hearts Caring Angels, Inc. is a trusted provider of home health care in Orange County, New York. We have two locations in Connecticut and New York.

If your aging parent or loved one requires assistance at home, we will work closely with your family to develop a custom care plan that best fits your needs.

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